Getting Sites Built. A Case Study.

The Asia FoundationTHE ASIA FOUNDATION is a nonprofit, non-governmental, philanthropic organization that works to build a peaceful, prosperous, and open Asian-Pacific community. Getting Sites Built has developed a number of web solutions for this organization. We are also their contingency webmasters.

Here are three examples of the work that Getting Sites Built has done to address their website development needs.

Bringing the exhibit to the web

af exhibit
The Asia Foundation wanted a web-based version of the ‘real world’ Afghanistan Exhibit that was on display in Washington, DC.

Getting Sites Built created a custom Flash-based solution in less than three weeks. An interactive, web-based, Flash timeline now seamlessly displays the text and images from the physical exhibit.


Work Done: Research; Flash production and web staging; version detection; compatibility testing.

Creating In Asia

The Asia Foundation needed a means of sharing weekly news and information outside of the main website.

Getting Sites Built created In Asia. This separate website utilizes RSS feeds and email tools to broadcast content, while keeping the presence and feel of the parent site. Now there is an effective and easy way to disseminate weekly information.


Work Done: Research; Site installation and customization; graphics, training.

Embedding with integrity

The Asia Foundation asked us to solve a problem they were having with the existing Flash video player. The display on the interface of the gallery page only allowed for a small number of videos. The webmaster found the existing Flash-based answer too difficult and time-consuming to be useful.

Getting Sites Built created an elegant solution. We embedded the basic interface of the Flash player directly into the web page, maintaining the integrity of the presentation while addressing the root cause of the problem. It’s simple to add new videos now. The webmaster creates a new page in Dreamweaver and enters the URL to match the new video’s URL. That’s it! No need to jump through hoops just to add more video content.


Work Done: Research; Flash extraction and web staging; version detection; compatibility testing.

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