Our Team

DONOVAN WATTS Founder, Project Manager
Donovan has been creating freelance websites since 1996. He founded Getting Sites Built with the goal of removing the burden of having a webmaster from his clients’ sites. His philosophy is to empower the user with web tools that work well and are easy to use. His varied project management experience and communication skills make him the ideal primary contact in your working relationship. He is an expert on getting the job done on time.


CANTON BECKER Engineer, Developer
Canton has been building web pages and programming database-driven web applications since 1993, both as a freelance engineer and as a team manager. In 1995, he co-founded Rocket Network, Inc., which attracted $40M of investment from a variety of groups, including Vulcan Ventures (the Paul Allen Group) and Cisco. He brings a wealth of experience and technical expertise to your project.

David has designed and developed websites for over ten years. His solid background and experience in designing and implementing a wide variety of web solutions, from mini-sites to complex user interface design, is coupled with proficiency in XHTML/CSS, seeing the code behind the design.